Austrian Pumptrack Series

What is a Pumptrack?
A Pumptrack is usually made of earth or clay. The approximately one meter wide "biketrail" is equipped with waves and other elements such as steep wall curves or jumps. 
It can be riden in either direction, as it is built in flat terrain. A great resource for beginners as well as professionals to consolidate their riding technique and safety on the bike.

2016 - the year in which the Austrian Pumptrack Series were created by 3 people: Peter Fernbach (Alpreif), Katharina Emberger (Bikepark Wagrain) and Gloria Schnopfhagen (Radhaus Strobl)!
The first season was thus completed with 3 stops:
x Pump the City - Bad Ischl
x Pump the Symphony - Wagrain
x Pump the Mountain - Schladming

Within a season, the series grew from 3 to a total of 7 stops for the year 2017 - it was properly upgraded:
x Pump the Mountain - Schladming
x Pump the Valley - Sölden
x Pump the Dirt - Marchtrenk
x Pump the City - Bad Ischl
x Pump the Steel - Königsberg
x Pump the Street - Neunkirchen
x Pump the Finals - Windischgarsten

A total of over 400 riders have mastered these stops and accomplished great performances. There was a professional kids coaching before the race, great BMX shows, casual sounds as well as cool drinks and delicious food!
In 2018, the series will also take place - details comming soon!

All results as well as the rules:
Youtube: Austrian Pumptrack Series
Facebook: Austrian Pumptrack Series
Instagram: @austrianpumptrackseries