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feasibility study, conception, implementation, operation, marketing


Alpreif develops a mountainbike-trail concept that is tailored to your tourism region and draws on existing infrastructure, in order to enable thereby a sustainable strengthening in tourism . Not only in the construction of mountain bike trails Alpreif is a specialist, but also in planning and construction of bike parks as well as their operation and marketing.

Alpreif is the best resource around the tourist and economic factor bicycle, and always on site with a competent team!

„ALL IN ONE“ – full-rage supplier!

personal consultations

The first contact is very important to us, because a free consultation is the first milestone in a successful and trusted collaboration.

Conception and cost survey

After completion of the initial consultation, we get down to work and summarize the points discussed in a concept, together with associated costs and visualizations. Based on many years of experience, it is possible for to create accurate cost estimates and implementation schedules to help you in planning their costs. We provide a concept that includes several stages, in order to present novelties to the visitors in the coming years and come up with innovative new products.

Construction and expansion through professional track builders

To implement the jointly developed ideas, our proven construction team will begin to build the trails. During the construction work reports are created weekly, in which the current progress and costs are monitored..

Bike-Park supervision by trained staff

Following the successful completion, a team of workers, its size depending on the size of the bike park, will take care for the maintenance work. Through support of local employees the trails can be held sustainably in a consistent level of quality.

Development of individual marketing concepts

Our services extend beyond the local support. We develop a customized marketing concept (e-marketing, communications, wording, branding, merchandising,…), what helps us to reach the common aspirations and turnover.

Marketing and press work (video production, photo shoots, …)

Our marketing concept also includes media relations and marketing of the bike park. Through our national and international contacts, we can present the bike park in perfect light. A successful and targeted marketing strategy creates a new customer base and helps to expand the existing.

Bike-Center (Guiding and customer service)

In order to offer customers excellent infrastructure, we can plan and operate a mountain bike center. In this mountain bike center, customers get everything needed for a perfect biking day, ranging from rental bikes to quick repair and professional guiding.

Production and support in creation of promotional material and signage.

A successful bike park needs a perfect signage and related promotional material (printed matter), to inform the guests about situations and trails locally. Professional information for the bikers will also minimize the risk of injury and sensitizes the awareness of the guests.


A popular tool for the popularization and awareness of an existing or new product is to conduct opening ceremonies and partnerships with schools and other institutions.

Play it safe – the safety of your guests is important to us!

To your target group, you are obliged to ensure maximum safety. For this we offer you tailor-made security concepts.

Legal Advice – Bike and Law

Our legal advisors will provide from the initial consultation to the creation of transport conditions on a comprehensive legal service.