Bikepark Wurbauerkogel

Since June 24th, 2016 the Wurbauerkogel is once again focusing on the MTB sport.
We brought the bike park from sleep and refreshed with new features and routes. The maintenance and operation is in our hands and is performed with casual new ideas. Thus, the routes have not only cool names – hidden behind also plenty of action:

“Blue Lollipop” is the ideal route for beginners and Flow Addicts!

Fine pronounced steep turns and scooters can be found here, for it is the absolute driving pleasure in the foreground. Gentle adapted to the terrain, the trail winds into the valley, roots and rocks to look for but in vain, because the road was covered with a weatherproof covering crushed sand.

The “Big Red” is equipped with some bike park features, such as a wall ride, Tables and Steps, and a North Shore-drop of but can be bypassed. When Wallride can enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama into the Dead Mountains, and on Pyhrgas, Bosruck and Warscheneck.

The “Red Carpet root” has to offer. In moderate slope roots and stones are the natural obstacles. Technically very demanding, but for advanced bikers to easily tackle.

Several times the best downhill bikers of the country were selected on the “Black Widow”. The track made its steep root passages and stone fields not only among the bikers, but also among viewers for corresponding thrill. Here one finds only downhill experts who do not shy away from 2m high drops and extremely steep descents and shoot full speed over rough and smooth!