Development of a regional project in Kaiswinkel 2018

On behalf of the Kaiserwinkel tourism association, Alpreif worked out in the space-time from July to October, different concepts for the whole region.
For example “Bike and Berg”, or different photo spots. As well a plan for the “Kaiser”-bike paths and different Singletrails for Mountainbikers.

Under the project “Bike and Berg”, Alpreif planned different trails and bike possibilities for E-Bikes. It should reach a new target audience because going up the mountain would be much easier for everybody on the E-Bike.
In cooperations with hut landlords, it was planned to have some E-Bike charging station nearby some huts.

At the Kaiser cycle paths, continuous signage (MTB 2.0) were planed. The tours also should get described in detail including classification and tour length tailored to the target group.

The planning integrated also local specialists as well as hut landlords.